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How to Claim

We take pride in putting the interests of our customers first and assist you in managing the trauma you experience when you 
suffer a loss and as a result, are here to ensure the claims process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

In all claims handling procedure, the claimant must: 

•    Act with all reasonable speed in dealing with the loss or damage.
•    Take all reasonable practical measures to avoid or diminish the loss or damage. 
•    Preserve rights of action of recovery against third party who may be responsible for the loss or damage. 

Failing to do so will prejudice his/her rights to claim under the insurance policy due to breach of policy condition which will entitled Insurer to repudiate all liabilities may arise out of the accident or delay the settlement of the claim. 

Claim Guideline 

Notify the loss or damage to insurance company immediately by telephone followed by fax or letter giving details such as nature of loss, date of loss, estimated loss, contact person and telephone number for survey arrangement. 
Report the loss or damage incident to the relevant authorities such as Police, Fire Brigade etc. immediately where applicable. 
Cooperate with the Insurer's appointed Adjusters or Surveyors to assist in the investigations/ finalization of the report. 
Return the duly completed Claim Form together with a written Statement of Claims supported by relevant documentation as requested. 

Claims can be reported during business hours, 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday-Friday directly to The First Risks Management Agencies by:

HOTLINE : 07-355 0088 

FAX : 
07-356 0272 

E-MAIL : click to email claims

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